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Note: This site is old. Like 1996 old. Some putative day in the far future, when I have the time and energy to put into it, I will make drastic and sweeping changes, like getting rid of the more superfluous golly-gosh-gee-wow heavy graphic/javascript stuff and maybe adding some actual content. In the meantime, well, here it is in all its former glory.

"Kalaleq" is the nickname I once used on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The real Kalaleq is a delightful Angurpiaq warrior in Harry Harrison's masterpiece, the Eden trilogy. He is short and fuzzy, has a tail, and likes to eat rotting fish. Not a lot like me, really (I mean, I can get pretty fuzzy if I don't shave for a while, but aside from that, no), but I like him. A paukarut is the tent-like dwelling of the Angurpiaq, who live in what is, in our reality, northern Canada. This page has next to nothing to do with the Angurpiaq or their paukaruts, really, aside from this paragraph, but I like the sound of the name "Virtual Paukarut" and for that reason alone I'll keep it. Plus I got to be unnecessarily verbose in this explanation, and I enjoy that.

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Occasionally I have been known to put pen to paper - or, more realistically, fingers to keyboard - and actually produce something worth sneezing at. It doesn't happen often these days, but nonetheless here are some collected works, displayed here mostly in hopes of motivating me to actually write some more.

Who is Damon, and why should I care?
I am the Mystery. I am the Enigma that Haunts your Dreams. I am the Face that Lurks deep in the Subterranean Corridors of your Mind, and when you try to look at me you can't quite make out what you're seeing, but you feel the dry insect wings pushing you away from the ultimate Truth... well, actually I'm none of that, and I don't know why you should care one way or the other.

A tribute to foliage in science fiction
I've always been fascinated by plants, and I've always loved science fiction. So just imagine the first time I came across a science fiction story in which plants played a leading role...

Damons, Damons everywhere!
...and not a drop to drink. Um... never mind. Anyway, my unusal name seemed to be turning up everywhere for a while, inspiring this section of my site. And then, of course, as soon as I put this up, it ceased to show up anywhere other than on my cheques. Sheesh!

Deep Fried Lotus Nuts Paste Rice Flour Balls (Sweet)
Joorfolo no ganabilart da wambanti gooru shlan po gienksut. Haontori plon karna tsanawa houzis na plon no gurndi dannai. Sosht nen wanapa ne? Plon da mo shlan po gienksut! Danta, plon da mo jooto ganado ne? Walaopuno! Negami um tora plon no yui mo plon da zagaimarandolo. Plon-doro da danta daryandi, usumi na gala, rezokon te faalena.

...and I couldn't have done it without...
These are the people I know who have web sites. They pay me $10,000 per annum to list their sites here. You can too! Contact me to find out more!

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