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Damons, Damons Everywhere...

When you've got a name as weird as "Damon", you tend to notice when a sign somewhere is screaming your name out to the world. I mean, I'm sure people with the name "Joe" get really used to being bombarded on all sides with Joe's Café, Joe's Garage, Joe's Place or even just Joe's. But the Damon-places really stand out. A while back a friend sent me a scan of a picture he'd taken, somewhere in Atlanta, of a rather sleazy looking clubhouse daring to bear my august name:


[picture] This inspired me to dig up an old photo, taken on a family vacation back when I was probably around ten, of a road sign we came across; a sign for Damon Road. I don't remember where it was, but it really exists! The proof is to your right.

[picture] And last but certainly not least, there's our own Damon and Company, a hairdresser here in sunny Vancouver, somewhere along Broadway. I've never been there; in fact I haven't even had my hair cut for several years now. But I'm sure they must be top-notch hairdressers, to bear my august name.

In North Syracuse, New York, the summer I lived in suburbia, we also came across a Damon-place, but I'm afraid I've forgotten any details and didn't take any pictures.

Have you seen a Damon-place anywhere in the course of your travels? Let me know, and if you have a picture, please send it! Must add to the collection...

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