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usrbin is generally involved in the back-end programming for web sites, so it's hard to know how to showcase many of these projects. We subcontract for designers on most larger projects, so quite often the most visible aspect of a site - the graphic design and content - is produced by someone else. Because of this, we've given a breakdown of our involvement in each project description, and a link to the designer's site where appropriate. We work with a number of very talented people, and heartily recommend you contact any of them for design work!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of usrbin projects. Our projects range from large, commercial sites to small personal projects, and anything in between. Below are a select few of the larger or more interesting projects.

John Fluevog Shoes
We have an ongoing relationship with Fluevog, designing and programming their e-commerce applications and other interactive site features. For a site redesign in 2014 by local design firm Burnkit, usrbin built an API for Burnkit to integrate existing custom e-commerce functionality into a new Wordpress-based front-end.
Designer: burnkit

Jones Soda's customise-your-own-bottle flagship commerce site. We built an entirely new system to replace their clunky first attempt.
Designer: AMG Media

Jones Independent Music
Jones Soda's latest community-building effort, currently in an open beta / early development phase. Bands upload their songs, site visitors listen, download, and create playlists to share.
Designer: AMG Media

Jones Soda Photo Gallery
This is a gallery where fans of the Jones Soda brand post their photos. This site has to cope with very high volume and high database usage, as well as provide tools to make administering these huge amounts of data easy.
Designer: AMG Media

The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music
This legacy site (due for a major update Real Soon Now) is the front end for a project run by Neile Graham of the Ecto mailing list. The Guide is a collection of comments and reviews on music from members of the list, indexed and cross-referenced to be useful for anyone curious about ectophilic music or wanting to find new music to fit their tastes. usrbin did both the clean graphic design and the back-end programming for this site.
Designer: usrbin

BC Chiropractic Association
The BCCA needed an online area for members to interact. Over time, the site grew to encompass online exams and surveys, event registrations, forums, membership activity history, import and export to/from various offline databases, and more. Most of the features are in a member-only area but some other interactive features on the site were also created by usrbin.

TBWA/Vancouver - Extranet
One of Vancouver's largest advertising firms, TBWA contracted usrbin to design and build their extranet, used in managing projects and communicating with clients. Since all the work is in a restricted area, it cannot be viewed by casual visitors.

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