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You are using a usrbin product.

Copyright over the product belongs exclusively to Damon Harper and usrbin design + programming. The standard license granted by usrbin includes the right to use, and to modify as desired, the product. You may not, however, sell or in any other way distribute the product to any third party without the express written permission of Damon Harper and usrbin design + programming.

The standard license covers all code created by usrbin as part of the product, but does not include any third-party code (covered under its own copyright holder's license) or any elements supplied by you and incorporated into the product.

The full terms of the specific license covering your usrbin product are spelled out in the legal document you signed when the product was created. In some cases, you may be a third party using a usrbin product developed for a client of usrbin, who has been granted the right to distribute the product to you. In this case your supplier should have made the terms of this sublicense clear to you. If anything is unclear, please ask the supplier for details of the license, or contact usrbin directly for more information.

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