I can't believe it... the creative juices just started flowing again one morning! This is the first thing I've written in quite some time. I have several rather detailed analyses of it myself, but I'll leave it to you to come up with your own.

two alternatives.

by Damon Harper


from above, lives are crystal;
crystal sheen that sheathes the world within.
the crystal is perfect, it reflects
the pure light of my perfection.
the crystal is a filter, it weeds out
those things i glimpse and turn my eyes away.
i think i see you.

I. failure.

but as the plane approaches
the facets rearrange.
i peer downward with increasing insecurities.
what have i found? what lies below?
with trepidation i perceive
this may not be all that i had hoped.

closer still
the sheen gives way to jumbled mind.
my eyes undazzle, behold
clumsy organic truth
cased in brittle pock-marked glass.
in terror, i deny.
this is not who you are this is not what you feel this is not what i thought this is not.
what i wanted.

i steer away;
we come together
but we never meet.

II. success.

again the facets rearrange.
i see i have not known you; i am afraid.
but behind the crystal
your life pulses.
cautious, i look closer.

organic truth revealed is disconcerting --
i turn away, i turn back, i cannot decide.
but in the turning lies a new perception;
a sidewise glance
reveals momentary vistas,
vast planes of biological complexity --
disturbing, yes --
more beautiful by far than any dead cold shiny rock.

is there room inside my own brittle glass
for another?

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Copyright © 1996 by Damon Harper.
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